Concerned Parent/Guardian

Worried about a child? advice for Parents and Guardians regarding substance misuse issues

It’s important to stay calm and open-minded. Getting too intense will put pressure on your child, so encourage a relaxed conversation, starting with questions about the ‘bigger picture’. Try to find out how things are going outside of home, with their friends, at school, etc. Make sure to ask questions that won’t result in one-word answers; this way, the conversation will be much more likely to flow. Listen to what your child says and try to ensure a two-way conversation.

Although there are many stories in the media about illicit and licit substances leading to addiction, crime and death, it is important to remember that: (1) for most young people substance misuse is not a part of normal life (2) most people who do try drugs do not continue using them..

Remember that there are different reasons why youths use alcohol and drugs, It may be as simple as, ‘to have fun’. These substances might make your child feel relaxed, sociable and full of energy, and this may be also be a  phase that they are going through.

Research shows that where young people do develop a problem with drugs and alcohol, the involvement and support of parents and families can make a big difference to the person’s health and their ability to deal with their drug habit.


  • Be a good role model
  • Be positive about your child
  • Monitor your childs behaviour and activity
  • Get Involved